Friday, 4 May 2012

The final animation

In the final animation, all scenes where compiled and put together to fit in the 20 second time frame. There was slight adjustment needed to fit the constaints but luckily only by a few fractions of a second and so only very slight difference was made. A different song was used in the final production in adverse to the origional "minnie the moocher" by Cab Calloway as in concensus, we felt that it gave a stronger appeal to the portrayed "raunchiness" of the Minnie and a more funner and lighter feel to the animation, corresponding more with the vibrancy of character that the animation was centred around. The song used was called "The Angel Put The Devil In Me" by Murray Gold. It added lyrics to the movie where as only an instrumental was used in the origional animatic. An attempt on timing and relevence of lyrics to the animation was also made to form the impression of narration through song aswell. After effects where also added to some of the scenes such as "fade out to white" to stregnthen the desired impression of the animation. An example of this is in the "kaboom" scene.

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